All projects can benefit from the insights and guidance of a producer with decades of experience. When you don’t have one on your staff, a consulting producer for hire could be your best choice to improve your production. Whether you are looking for a sanity check on your assumptions, to analyze your budget, help with your shooting schedule, identify possible pitfalls, or need help to identify your market, working with a consulting producer can significantly increase your chances of a successful production.

Jacob Mosler - Consulting Producer for Hire

When Should I Bring in a Consulting Producer?

Every situation will differ depending on your project’s complexity and your team’s experience and skills. However, bringing on a freelance consulting producer at the beginning of production can help to ensure your project starts right, stays on track and has the greatest chance of success.

You might already be in the middle of your project and find that you’re having trouble with making some pivotal decisions. Trying to balance crew availability, tax incentives, production schedules, special effects, the weather, union regulations, your budget and a thousand other competing priorities all at the same time is not easy.

Whenever you bring on a consulting producer for hire, you will get a more pragmatic, objective view of your situation and get the advice you need to move your production forward with confidence.

Consulting Producer for Hire

What Does a Consulting Producer Do?

Consulting producers can advise you on every aspect of film production. The best consulting producer has experience with all kinds of roles in all kinds of productions. They can help you make mindful decisions in areas as diverse as the show’s creative ambitions, the proper budget level (with consideration to applicable union and guild tiers) or the technical aspects of filming.

  • Stuck deciding between shooting live versus against a VR wall?
  • Trying to analyze applying special effects in post versus shooting practical effects on-set?
  • Got basic film budgeting questions?
  • Still short on investments for your production?

Make sure the consulting producer you hire can help with all of this, and much more.

Consulting Producer for Hire

The consulting producer can also advise you and your team about the realities of location selection. This decision requires analyzing a preferred area’s saturation with other projects, availability of skilled crew and actors, the attractiveness of tax incentives, satisfying local safety and health mandates (COVID, for example), the area’s production costs and compliance with local union requirements.

Our Consulting Producer for Hire

Our principal consulting producer for hire, Jacob Mosler, brings nearly three decades of experience with every aspect of film and show production. He’s successfully supported or completed more than 500 projects of almost every type, including 16 feature films, seven television series, and a very long list of short format credits. You’ll find Jacob an invaluable resource, experienced in all stages of production and driven to help make your project successful.

Consulting Producer for Hire

The Film Budget Pro Promise

At Film Budget Pro, we understand that when you are leading a production, you’ve got a million things to do and not enough time to do them all. As seasoned budget and production consultants, we work tirelessly to ensure that you have all the support and direction you need to create the film you’ve always dreamed of.

Complete our Questionnaire, and we will send you a competitive bid for our TV and Film consulting producer for hire and related services. Our rates are negotiable and based upon the complexity of your project.

You can also complete our Contact Form or Call 323.591.4776 to learn how to hire a Film Budget Pro consulting producer.

Consulting Producer for Hire

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