How much are your Services?

At Film Budget Pro our rates are negotiable and based upon the complexity of your script. Complete our Questionnaire for a competitive bid and get started today.

How long will it take?

Typically first drafts take approximately 3 days for a Budget Top Sheet, 5 days for a Detailed Budget, 5 days for a Detailed Schedule, and 2 days for Tax Incentive Analysis.

Can you deliver the documents faster?

A ‘rush fee’ can be negotiated for projects that need to be expedited on a shorter time line.

What about confidentiality?

Film Budget Pro is committed to maintaining 100% confidentiality for your project’s creative and financial information. Here is our Privacy Policy.

Will you sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

We will gladly sign your NDA or you can download and sign ours if you don’t have one. Non-Disclosure Agreement.

What happens once we agree on a rate and services?

We will both sign a Service Agreement outlining our deal and send you an invoice for payment. You will need to send us your script in the native file (Final Draft or Screenwriter) PDF is fine for budget services only, along with any other creative materials you may have. We will then need you to fill out our Project Questionnaire. After reading your script we will schedule a phone call to discuss your project in detail. Upon receipt of payment, we get to work creating the Detailed Budget, Detailed Schedule and/or Tax Incentive Analysis for your script.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept check, credit card or debit card via PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, or direct deposit. Note: PayPal charges a 2.9% service fee for some transactions.

How many drafts will your Services include?

Typically our Services include 2 drafts with 1 additional set of small final changes if necessary.

Does your company sell software or templates?

No, Film Budget Pro is a consulting service company only. We use industry standard EP/Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software in addition to Microsoft Excel and the web-based scheduling service Scenechronize.com.

What file formats will you deliver my document in?

All first drafts will be delivered in PDF file format. Depending on the Service Agreement; files can also be delivered in EP/Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling or other native formats.

Can you do International Budgets?

Yes, we build international budgets often and have produced movies abroad.

What types of Tax Incentive Analyses do you offer?

We can build detailed Tax Credit and/or Rebate estimates based on your Detailed Budget, in addition to Tax Incentive comparisons between multiple states, and/or countries. We also offer summary Tax Incentive Analysis that will show you a rough estimate of the expected Tax Credit or Rebate for your production. Please note that we do not offer Tax Advise. Our Tax Credit or Rebate Analysis is simply an estimate of what your production could receive back based upon a Detailed Budget projection.

How do I get started?

Complete our Questionnaire and we will send you a competitive bid. Our rates are negotiable and based upon the complexity of your script.

You can also Complete our Contact Form or Call 323.591.4776 to learn how to get started.

Start your project on the path to production today!

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