Film Budget Breakdown

Creating a Film Budget Breakdown with a Film Budgeting Expert

A Film Budget Breakdown (also called a Detailed Budget) is the financial blueprint for your project. Movie budgeting contains the key information that you must have for your production. It is critical that the budget is in alignment with your schedule and script. If these 3 critical documents are not equitable your creative vision could be in jeopardy.

Your Film Budget Breakdown

Our Detailed Budget is typically 40-60 pages and includes every line item expense related to your project. From Development through Deliverables, our meticulous budgeting process will take into account all of the Critical Assumptions and employ an efficient paradigm resulting in harmony between your vision and the costs projections.

The Film Budget Breakdown includes:

• Shooting Format
• Shooting Schedule Work Days/Weeks
• Applicable Union Rates/Non-Union Rates
• Location Expenses
• Cast and Above-The-Line Fees
• Production Expenses
• Cast & Crew Over-Time Calculations
• Post Production Expenses
• Insurance and Deliverables
• Current Fringe Rates for State, Country, Unions, and Guilds
• Completion Bond, Financing and Contingency Fees
• Critical Assumptions

The Film Budget Pro Promise

At Film Budget Pro, we understand that you’ve got a million things to do. We are committed to ensuring that your needs are met, including your Film Budget Breakdown. As seasoned budget consultants, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you have all the support and direction you need to create the film you’ve always dreamed of.

Complete our Questionnaire and we will send you a competitive bid for your film budget breakdown. Our rates are negotiable and based upon the complexity of your project.

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Start your project on a successful path to production and order your film budget breakdown today!

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