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Whether you simply need a Budget Top Sheet or to hire a Line Producer for a production, our film budget services have you covered! With decades of experience, our consultants can build the documents you need for independent film, big budget film, TV, documentary, digital media and/or commercial productions.

Our Film Budget Services Give You Insight

Film Budget Pro offers six film budget services that you can use in an all-inclusive production package or purchased individually, as needed:

Film Budget Top Sheet Service

Often the first step in moving your script towards production, the Budget Top Sheet is a summary prepared by our experts after reading your script that includes all major line items from development to deliverables. The budget top sheet provides you and your financiers a snapshot of the total cost of production. Click to learn more about our Film Budget Top Sheet Service.

Film Budget Breakdown Service

Eventually, every production requires a Detailed Budget, otherwise known as a “Film Budget Breakdown.” Whether completed early on to secure funding or after you receive the green light, the detailed budget provides a full breakdown and financial blueprint for your project. It contains all of the key information that you must have for your production and is in alignment with your shooting schedule and script. Our Film Budget Breakdown Service is one of our most popular film budget services. Click to learn more.

Detailed Shooting Schedule

The Film Budget Pro Detailed Shooting Schedule takes into account thousands of variables and organizes them into an efficient and intelligent shooting sequence. This day-by-day ‘battle plan’ will be a critical operations component managed by your line producer and assistant director and then utilized by all production staff departments. Click to learn more about our Shooting Schedule Service.

• TV And Film Tax Incentive Service

Tax Incentives for film and TV are more important and lucrative today than they have ever been; with many foreign countries and states in the U.S. offering tax credits or rebates to encourage productions to film in their region. With credits currently as high as 35%, it is important to understand your best options in this ever-changing landscape. Click to learn more about our Movie and TV Tax Incentive Service.

Movie Magic Budget Consulting

Do you use Movie Magic? Do you have a budget that needs a major overhaul following a ton of script edits, or perhaps you want to check your own budget work before that big meeting with potential financiers? Our Budget Consulting Pros have over 20 years of experience working with Movie Magic and industry software and can be hired hourly or daily to meet, review, revise and/or double check previous budgets created. Click to learn more about our Movie Magic Budget Consulting services.

TV and Film Line Producer For Hire

Are you ready to hire a Line Producer? Starting with an initial script evaluation and through the entire production; line producers manage the budget, location tax incentive evaluation, daily shoot schedules, and daily costs while helping the director and other creative stakeholders carry out their creative vision. Click to learn more about TV and Film Line Producer for Hire.

Consulting Producer for Hire
Our consulting producer for hire service puts an experienced producer on your team to review your budget, to get your project started on the right foot, or to help with your entire project. Whatever best suits your needs, our Consulting Producer for Hire Service delivers. With us by your side, you will have a seasoned and successful professional who’ll provide a more pragmatic, objective view of your project at every step, and who’ll give you the advice and guidance you need to move forward confidently. Click to learn more about our Consulting Producer for Hire services.

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