Shooting Schedule Service

A Shooting Schedule Service run by An Experienced Line Producer

Our Shooting Schedule Service will create for you a Detailed Schedule that takes into account thousands of variables and organizes them into an efficient and intelligent shooting sequence. Our goal is to provide you with the highest probability for completing your movie on time, on budget, and capturing magic on the set!

What is in our  Shooting Schedule Service?

Our shooting schedule service creates a complete detailed schedule that includes the following critical components:

• Scene by Scene Script Breakdown
Production Stripboard, Sorted by Element Importance
• One Line Shooting Schedule
• Detailed Shooting Schedule
Day out of Days for Cast, Extras, Sets, Locations, Vehicles and Special Elements
• Departmental Reports for Cast, Extras, Sets, Locations, Vehicles and Special Elements

Orchestrating the wide variety of elements that go into the production of a movie can make it tough to create an accurate shooting schedule. Location, script elements, weather, resource availability can all affect your schedule. Don’t trust this crucial task to anyone except an experienced professional who regularly provides shooting schedule services.

The Film Budget Pro Promise

At Film Budget Pro, we understand that you’ve got a million things to do. We are committed to ensuring that your needs are met. As seasoned budget consultants, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you have all the support and direction you need to create the film you’ve always dreamed of.

Complete our Questionnaire and we will send you a competitive bid for our Shooting Schedule Service. Our rates are negotiable and based upon the complexity of your project.

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